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Default Re: Dark Messiah Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Does the game work with new GPUs now? Last time I tried it, it had a texture issue.

Once I get home from work today I plan on planting myself infront of my PC till I have to go to sleep.
Yeah it was\is a problem with the game trying to use textures with dimensions that were non power of 2 (like 255x511). Newer graphics cards (or maybe newer versions of directX, or drisplay drivers) require textures to have power of 2 dimensions or they wont work... at least thats what I read at the time.

If you go in and resize the textures manually, they work fine. I managed to do it a couple years ago but it was such a pain in the ass trying to find which textures were broken and how they needed changed that I never got through the whole set. A couple weeks later I saw that someone on the Arx forums had released an updated set of textures that worked fine.

I have them saved somewhere on my PC but I know they're still on the internet somewhere. I'll go find a link.

BTW, there might be some high-res texture packs for this too. I remember resizing textures to double their normal size and then adding noise filters to them just to see if it'd make them more detailed and it actually worked. I guess the game uses the textures no matter how big they are as long as they are the right proportions.

EDIT: Here you go. Last post on this page:

Man thats old...

And I haven't found any high-res textures either. I guess the community support for this game has been pretty lacking over the years.
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