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Default Re: X Server Problem

Originally Posted by piotrq__
Damn... Now that was a hell of an advice TPG... And a good way to bump your posts' counter up too... It's the second time you've put such a useful post (second that I noticed) and that's really useful indeed man!

@garrettgjb Don't give up on the distro just because of a failed driver installation. Try to give us some more details about your system so we can have some more info...
Tell us how are you trying to install these drivers, are you using the official package, or a package from yum's repos, what version is it, etc...
Thanks, I need open gl to use a 3d program. I'm thinking that the problem was caused by my video card. It's an eVga 7600gt. Fedora recognized it as Unknown Nvidia 0391. Btw...Ill hopefully post a more detailed description of whats going wrong on the weekend.

TPG: When did I say that I thought it would just automatically work? I spent 3 or 4 days installing programs and packages trying to get the X server to not crash. Why even post when your not going to help me at all?
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