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Originally Posted by Subtestube
Just a wee note - It appears that the GL_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT is not compatible with multi-display acceleration. If you're running multiple monitors and you want full perf, you (may) need to switch your hardware acceleration mode to 'single display' to run this demo properly. This could of course just be a bug on my system.

Edit: To be clear, in multi display performance mode, the demo runs, but uses Pixel buffers (or PBuffers).
Sorry to revive this thread, but this is the only place I could find reference to a multi-display acceleration/FBO problem.

I'm having the same issue no matter what PC I try it on (same thing happens on Quadro and Geforce). I've tried posting a question on Nvidia's site, but it's been a month with no reply. Does anyone know if they're working to fix this? Should I just switch everything to pixel buffers, or will I have the same problem? Any other known workarounds that preserve multi-display acceleration?

To be more specific, when I use FBOs with multi-display acceleration, the CPU usage skyrockets and everything slows to a crawl.
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