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Default Re: nVidia driver corrupts pcHDTV 3000 mpeg stream

i used the vesa driver and this issue only occurs using the nvidia driver. i have an hd-5000 and a pchdtv-5500 installed and running on my system. both are getting atsc input receiving signal from the same antenna using a splitter/combiner. the hd-5000 has no problems. it is ony the pchdtv that has issues when running the nvidia driver. i have onboard graphics NVIDIA geforce 6150. when i first built my mythtv setup a month or two ago everything ran fine. over time, using yum for upgrading things seemed to have gone downhill. i tried booting into into the previous kernel version fc5 2.6.17 and downgrading to nvidia 8774, but still had the same issue. i also have the pvr-500 in the same machine. maybe the ivtv drivers have something to do with this issue. i think this weekend i'll start by removing my other tuner cards. if that doesn't help i'll do a clean install of fedora core. should i go with fc 6 if it comes down to doing a reinstall?

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