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Default Re: Anybody using hp xw9300 with SLI and ubuntu 6.10?

It may be a kernel bug but I know the HP xw9300 has a segmented pci bus which acpi, at the moment, doesn't handle properly. There are a number of things you could try. In the bios under "chipset and cpu" I think there is an option to disable pci bus segmentation. You could also try booting the kernel with the pci=noacpi option, or acpi=off.

I seem to remember another issue if you're running a single opteron in that machine. If the cpu is installed as cpu1, the socket on the left, then the second pci express slot is not activated. Try moving the cpu to socket 0, the socket on the right next to the hd's. I may have this the wrong way round and if you've got dual opterons in the machine it's not the problem anyway.

Hope this is of some help.

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