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Smile Shadereditor experiment

Hi @ all,

because ther's no shadereditor for Linux, I've wrote my own... on the first pic I've create a Earthsphere with simple dot3 Bumpmapping (I've copy Colormap and Normalmap together in one texture) One the second I've load a OBJ file, that I exported from Blender.

How does it work?:
As first create a node, a script, two or more GLSL shaders (Vertex and fragment) and textures via contextmenu.
Then load a model, create a testobject or script OpenGL commands, to get something visible.
As last run the script.

Things that work:
Load & Editing shaders and scripts with simple highligting
Loading textures
Loading simple OBJ files (via script)
Create testsphere with Tangendvectors (via script)
Draw indexed an nonindexed VBOs via script. It's partly possible to modify these with scripts.

To do:
Implement a working save function
Implement more freatures
Add support for multipass rendering.
Add a stop button for render scripts.
Add Tools for modifiing meshes.

To Hope:
Better QSA performance. (A really fast CPU or a better scriptengine are more realistic)
NVX_instanced_arrays (I need that really. That's no joke, but nobody seems to know how usefull it is...)
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