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Default Re: NFS Carbon PC Demo

Installed fine for me, didn't have to use the compatibility mode or anything. It also seemed to setup my thrustmaster gamepad just the way I want it. I didn't even see how to change the control options even if I wanted so thankfully it defaulted to the way I normally set it up.

The way the cars drove is fine but I wasn't that fond of the graphics style. It seems more cartoon'ish for a lack of a better way to describe it. I liked NFSU, NFSU2, and NFSMW...just so you can gain some perspective on my comments. Anyway, the car graphics seemed fine but I feel like the world is kind of like that movie advertised (or maybe released) recently with real characters but they were all drawn or animated. Keneau Reeves was in it but I can't remember the title. Heh, now not quite that animated but the world/surroundings seem *off*. I guess I just don't like the artistic style of the graphics or something.

I'm undecided on whether I'll purchase it or not. Not having widescreen support should probably make me avoid it. That's just inexcusable in this day and time, especially since the consoles support that now.
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