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Originally posted by Megatron
(This is a quote from some information given to Dave Bauman prior to his review (Beyond3d).. He seems to think that it indicates that ATi will be releasing a higher clocked version of the R300 with DDR II around the time of the Nv30 release.)
So if the NV30 is out on schedule for the Christmas season, assuming that people have received their 9700's now and the above statement is true, the 9700 will have been out only 4 months before they release a higher-powered refresh. That doesn't seem like a very smart thing to do because there's a very good chance a lot of current 9700 owners will be pissed that ATI released a more powerful card only 4 months after they shelled out $400 for what they have now.

Unless someone can clarify, this really doesn't sound right.
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