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Originally posted by AnteP
Are you referring to Auquamark 3 or 2.03?
Because in 2.03 there's certainly no "ripping" going on except in 1600x1200 and higher.

If it is version 3 you are referring to could you provide a link where it's used?
(BTW shouldn't it be available by now, I'm very much looking forward to using it for my reviews!)
Couldnt tell you what version they were useing, i was looking at some review of the gffx i clicked on that was linked from the front page.

If you go to the devloper of AquaMark's webpage they say 'E-Mail us for the most current version of AquaMark, we will review yo ur credentals' or something like that, but their is some 'zips' of it floating around on the internet.
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