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Default Re: Put an immediate halt to multiple account users

I could conceive of a way to get around that multiple account blocking thing, but whoever is attempting to make multiple accounts only gets one time to screw up. After that they are identified and that IP is no good anymore. Then the proxy RBL would mostly prevent them from getting semi-protected proxies from those list servers (be they pay or free) and the proxy detector would make open proxy hunting pretty much useless.

This would root out 99% of the trolls. That other 1% would be the types that have no life and spend their days making trojans for people to download so that they can use them for ddos attacks, etc. There isn't a whole lot you can do about them, but I don't think they would have much interest in a site like this in the first place. If so they would still have to be pretty careful or the multi-account detector would ID them and be able to ban that particular host they are using.

All in all these measures would make it far more difficult to break the rules.
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