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Originally posted by zakelwe
Is that really the reason or is it because you stumbled across something on the world wide web that as an Ati 9700 user you'd thought you'd have " a dig " ?

Screensavers were popular until powersave came into being a few years back which not only saves your screen but actually lowers the power consumption and saves the planet
No, I guess that wasn't the main reason I wasn't getting the FX, but that's a good one nonetheless. The main reason I went with ATI is because their AIW products are badass, and an AIW 9700 is superior to a GeForceFX in that it's quieter, is the best choice for home theater (which is what I'll use it for down the road), and I don't see any FX cards that have as many features as an AIW has. This was off topic, but hey, you asked.
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