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Originally posted by marcocom
raw memory bandwidth.

but memory holds textures, textures are a collection of colors, and colors are compressable by algorithms and (according to nvidia) they say they can really get that 1ghz DDR2 working for them with up to 32GB theoretically (its all theoretical) but thats definitely saying 'drivers can make this puppy sing
the 32 GB/s refers to compression which is hardware limited
with compression ATi could also reach silly bandwidth almost reaching 100 GB/s but there's no point in touting such figures as there's no such thing as constant compression here
(While on the topic, actually ATi offers higher compression than nVidia, at least when using 6x AA)

edit: of course I know that nVidia probably have substantial performance to gain by further driver development
I just think that many of the results we are seing are due to pretty much hitting the hardware limitation wall
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