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Originally posted by StealthHawk
I'll agree that some of it is tweakable. but most of the stuff is done in hardware.

I don't think you're going to see Aggressive AF suddenly have full trilinear(or bilinear/trilinear) and retain the performance that it has now, for instance.
One thing that we probably will get is however good performance with the "Balanced" mode while maintaining the IQ of Application.

As I pointed out in my review:
GeForce4 (by its defaults) has quality that matches the FX Application mode.
So when benchmarking at default settings the GF4 actually looks a great deal better. (The FX doesn't even seem to perform real trilinear when using Balanced).

But when I talked to nVidia earlier today they said that a future driver, which will sonn be released (at least to reviewers), the FX will gain back the quality that matches GF4 but without any noteworthy performance hit. Which does in my ears make sense since the GF4 also suffers a performance hit by enabling Application but without any visable improvement. (So it seems as if Application is doin other crazy stuff that doesn't relate directly to texture filtering perhaps)
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