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Default AIGLX seeming not enabled, beta drivers, mandriva 2007, 7950GT

I have done all the stuff like enabling composite and all that stuff, if i change to XGL then 3d works but everything is white like windows and stuff and if i use AIGLX then it just doesnt work, no errors that i know of just doesnt work. I installed the beta drivers without trouble, just got the errors of a modular xorg install, my conf file still lists my card as a Geforce 7 series and the driver is just nvidia. If i open compiz command line it gives me 2 errors, 1 SmcOpenConnection failed: authentication rejected and 2 another window manager is already running on display :0 . Can anyone help?

update: it seems AIGLX is not supported in mandriva 2007, if someone can help with the XGL white screen problem that would be good.

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