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Default Re: AIGLX seeming not enabled, beta drivers, mandriva 2007, 7950GT

Originally Posted by gilex
update: it seems AIGLX is not supported in mandriva 2007, if someone can help with the XGL white screen problem that would be good.
Wrong. Both AIGLX and Xgl are supported in madriva2007.

First: Xgl will produce white cube with stock nvidia drivers.

Please add repository to urpmi and install nvidia rpm drivers. This is recomended installation of nvidia drivers by mandriva team. Dont forget to uninstall previous one. . If you wont find there 9626. drivers download them from here:

If openGL manager doesn't want to start run this in console:

For compiz:

gtk-window-manager --replace & compiz-start--replace &

For beryl:

emerald --replace & beryl--replace &
mandriva > all
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