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Default Re: black screen with nvidia 1.0.9625

The BETA driver scared the **** out of me.
After using the 9625 driver for 3 hours, I went on and played an opengl game for about 30mins.

While playing, the computer froze.
I then rebooted as usual, but now, I wasn't able to reach Grub!

Woooo! I thought that the nvidia card bios could have got screwed like i've read on this forum earlier.
I said to myself: "No problem, i'll just use that other card i've laying around (GeForce 2 MX400)".

Tried to boot, got stuck at the same place... argh!!

I'll skip the other steps i've taken to go str8 to the solution...
I've found out I couldn't use my 2 RAM chips (KVR400S4R3AK2/1G) in DIMM1 and DIMM2 anymore!! What the hell!?

Using one at the time worked fine, but using both no longer worked!
After playing around, i noticed that using them in DIMM2 and DIMM3 worked.
So i'm back with my original Geforce4 MX440 and RAM chips changed places.

Now I'm left with this simple question, how come there's a connection with the BETA driver and the RAM chips location!?!

I had been using my RAM chips in slot DIMM1 and DIMM2 for abit more than a year. I can only be lead to think that there's a connection. Could I been that lucky that my Asus K8V-X mobo decided to somehow "break" while trying the BETA driver? Could this really be a coincidence?!

Again, this scared the **** out of me and won't ever use BETA drivers anymore.

Any comments, clarifications, ideas welcomed!


-a relieved Pascal who got his system back up w/o much damage afterall
PS: sorry for this long post.
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