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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by superklye
Yeah...pretty terrible.

Factions was okay, but I stopped playing before getting too far because it just kind of got boring and it was WAY too easy to level up. I decided that I didn't like my original Assassin/Elementalist so I decided to make an Assassin/Monk. My A/E was at level 11 and within 2 hours, I had my A/M to level 9.

That's just not right. Especially when the level cap is only 20.

I hope Nightfalls has a better story and better balancing. The more I think about it and look at screenshots, the more excited I am about this game and more sure I am that I'll be picking it up tonight after work. I hope Best Buy has the CE in stock.

lol i had the same doubts before i brought Nightfall..

its still only 20 lvls and easy to get there fast, but i think the fun begins after lvl 20 and as i read you still can gain skill points after lvl 20 and mnay more quests to complete even after lvl 20..
and the Game graphics is AMAZING!..
i'm hooked only been playing about 6 hours, not straight
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