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Default Re: nVidia driver corrupts pcHDTV 3000 mpeg stream

i didn't verify this with azap but i did test by tuning to the pchdtv on different myth frontend machine and going back and forth from init 3 and init 5 on the backend machine where the card is installed. when in init 5 if there is any X activity on the backend, on the frontend, the tuner signal gets distorted (audio dropout/stutter and video corruption). as soon as i go to init 3, everything is fine. i spent this entire weekend trouble shooting this problem. it tried swapping pci slots. i tried removing everything except for this card but the problem persisted. in the end i figured i'd try and switch my frontend and backend machines. the backend was an hp desktop. the frontend was a machine i put together. i was guessing that hp went cheap on the power supply and that it would be more noisy than the antec ps i bought. i'm not sure that was it, but i don't have nearly as much distortion when x is running using this new setup. i have to be doing something pretty X intensive like run an hd show and start another program, to even get the card to briefly lose signal lock now. it's not perfect but its usable now.
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