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Default Weird problems since installing beta driver

I have a laptop (Gateway MX3410) with a GeForce Go 6100 card and I have been experiencing some weird problem since installing the nVidia beta driver (1.0-9626). I am using the beta driver because the earlier drivers don't work with my chipset. Prior to this, I was using the 'nv' driver and not experiencing these problems.

The worst problem is the key repeat. I will be typing away when all of a sudden every key press results in a handful to dozens of characters being entered. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it is impossible to work. The problem comes and goes.

TThis is a samplee of wwhhaaaattt happppens when thiss prooblemm occcuuurs....

Sometimes it's worse. Typing a long message such as this one takes a long time, and I am a fast typer. Argh...I just lost a couple of paragraphs because the backspace key went nuts and gobbled them up. :-(

Occasionally the opposite occurs. For example, in a konsole window I press and hold the enter key and linefeeds are printed every few seconds as opposed to two or three per second.

Next is the mouse scroll wheel. Usually when I scroll a firefox window, it's smooth and follows my motions. Other times I scroll, wait a few seconds and then the window follows. Speaking of firefox, I notice as I type this that the animated smilies next to the text box are very slow and often come to a stop. Other times the animation is normal.

Another weird thing...I have a clock docked in my KDE panel. I've set it to display the seconds and flash the colons. At times, the colons will flash very quickly and the clock will skip ahead or back a few seconds. Once while this was happening, I ran date in a while loop once per second. There was no indication that my clock was skewed although occasionally the loop would sleep for longer than the one second specified.

One last weirdness before I go nuts trying to type this. My OpenGL screen saver (Euphoria) is at times very choppy. Other times it is as smooth as silk.

Not all these problems happen at the same time. They come and go. But it really makes this notebook unusable. Help!

I have attached an nVidia bug report.

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