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Default Re: Weird problems since installing beta driver

Hi Lonni,

Originally Posted by netllama
All of this behavior sounds like a CPU frequency scaling bug. If you disable CPU frequency scaling and/or boot with the irq=poll kernel parameter, does that have any impact?
Thanks for the quick response. I have set "irq=poll" in grub.conf and so far so good, but I need to let it run for a while before I can say with certainty that this has cured the problem.

CPU frequency scaling is compiled into my kernel. Googling the subject, I came across the following:

Some of the amd64 laptops require that you use ACPI to detect the available frequency states. Does your kernel have the options

These are compiled as modules but not loaded. I think I will experiment with this seeing as how your assessment is looking more and more likely. Up 30 minutes now and still stable! That annoying little banana never looked so good!

Any idea why this would exhibit itself when running the nVidia driver? I did not notice this problem when running with the 'nv' driver, and I haven't experienced the annoying key repeating problem when working from a vty.

Now if only someone can help me solve my ALSA problems...

Thanks again,

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