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Default Toshiba TE2100 problem with Beta driver

Hi folks,

I've tried to install the Beta driver with both Mandriva 2007 and SuSE 10.1 and have the same problem on my laptop.

It works great in 3D with an external monitor, but I can't get the laptop display to do anything but stay black.

If I try and set up the second monitor using NVIDIA Settings (which does recognise that there is another monitor on the system, but shows it as disabled) I get thrown out to the login screen with the remote monitor only working.

This happens regardless of the choice I make (TwinView or Seperate X), and as soon as I select the value (don't get the chance to save to a config file or anything like that.).

Any clues to follow here?

I'd really love to get this working on both monitors. Its great on the external one, but useless to me without working on the laptop one naturally.

The card is a GeForce 420 GO

Nvidia Settings reports:

LCD screen: Nvidia default flat panel (DFP-0)
CRT screen: Hyundai (CRT-0)

I've attached the bug-report.


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