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Default Slackware???

Ok ladies 'n' gents here goes. I have a Creatiive 3d blaster Annihilator2 card. Been using Slackware since V. 8.0 and now have 9.0 installed. I have "NEVER" been able to get the GLX to work!! I have searched quite a few BBs's and literally Hundreds of threads/posts!! The Kernel drivers loads OK, NVchooser said use the 2960 tarball, done. but GLX keeps giving me the same crap.......Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
Error: could'nt get an RGB, Double-buffered visual
Now what have I been doing wrong for the past 8 months, and what can I do to fix this?? I have been trying to fix this on my own and I have "googled" so many pages my fingers hurt. here is current XFree log..... Thx in advanced for 'any' thought or Idea on this. I get same msg when installing and trying to run Tuxracer, or use any of the GL screensavers.

Oh, the BIOS version for vid card is....

I know glx gears will work on this BOX, cause when I do a default install of Caldera open linux workstation 3.1.1 , the little window with spinning gears pops up easily, but when I upgrade to current driver for Caldera, the same " missing GLX" msg pops up there also. Maybe this is a bug in the Annihilator2 card???
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