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Default Re: Well I Did It...

Originally Posted by UDawg
What do you mean about this? Is it going to be as good as WoW, worse or better? I want to play this game but it has been such a long wait.
Well, I suppose it depends if you like WOW or not. Personally, I beta tested WOW for 2 weeks, and kicked it to the curb. I'm not saying it's not a good game for some people, just not for me...Vanguard is vastly different from WOW in that it is meant for the "core" gamer. Check out the forums. Gets interesting sometimes. You basically have 3 groups... General Population (like some things, dislike others), the WOW Fanboys (hate everything), and the EQ Elitists (Love anything that is like EQ1, and if anything changes they freak out...) have been "told" that the beta is coming along well (in that testers opinion). Can't wait for release...

Other games I'm want to check out later on are Age of Conan (different spin on MMO's) and Star Trek Online (Very early in developement, and I'm hoping they finally give me a decent SPACE MMO...)

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