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ok this whole 'application mode' slider crap is totally confusing the issue now.

these sliders are just presets. user mipmap settings and LOD bias. AnisotropicFiltering/Trilinear filtering is toggled within the application software, and can only be over-rided to use trilinear mode from the driver level regardless of the applications request to run the algorithm and instead uses its trilinear blurring.

nvidia is totally screwing with disaster here, because now things are getting muddier. now theres a ENABLE TEXTURE SHARPENING option that does nothing more than over ride the trilinear (over ride the over ride, thats right) filtering and bump up the anisotropic filtering one notch (from 2x to 4x or from level0 to level1 it doesnt matter) - theres also a Anisotropic slider now that is unified for both DirectX and OpenGL - again, useless because it can be over-ridden by the 'texture sharpening' mode and guys...this is stuff nvidia pioneered!! total mismanagement!!

The Aniso filtering for nvidia is really too slow, bad math perhaps and totally optimizable with time, but certainly not something you want users or reviewers assumably toggling on when benchmark testing and thats exactly what they are doing! so now what was simple and black and white has actually become unclear through USER-FRIENDLINESS!!

nvidia can so piss me off sometimes. they didnt even really bother to document any of it either.

i rather often read a review and they say "we put the anisotropic to 4x and enabled 4xFSAA and of course enable texture sharpening" and just hold my head in my hands... they are now running it at 8x anisotropic.

Det 5.0 has alot of rethinking to be done in the user interface dept.
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