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Default Re: New Logo Feedback

I hate it.... sorry, just being honest, I don't like it at all.

Bevels became unfashionable about 5 years ago along with drop-shadows (thank God). The trend these days is towards "flat" designs or glass effects. If you must bevel, make it subtle.

There appears to be a faint outer bevel around it, as there is a thin bit of white along the bottom edges of the font, though it may be due to compression. Either way the effect is that the eye gets confused between the font being beveled out or beveled in. If its supposed to be beveled in, then the shadow/highlight is going the wrong way, the light should be coming from above, with 99% of GUIs it comes from the top-left, so the shadow should be on the bottom-right edge.

The old logo was getting old, but I wouldn't settle on this one. Keep playing with it.

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