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Originally posted by Badash
that story doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know. but actually even though the FX runs hot the real reason they put that ridiculous fan on it was for the average consumer who has no airflow and a cable mess in their case. It wasn't necessary for people with good airflow, just some nice copper woulda been fine. The leadtek, chaintech cards are an example, though I don't think the chaintech will ever be produced only the non ultra is on their website.
or perhaps they overclocked the card from the expected 400/800 in order to compete better with the 9700pro... and in order to do so they needed to add a massive cooler to take the card up beyond spec... seeing the negative feedback with the noise a 'run on demand' feature was added to the card... and unfortunately it has a flaw..

I am pretty sure a simple driver change will probably compensate for this issue though.. it is an expensive part.. no need for it to burn on non 3d work...
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