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Hey nVidia

We're still waiting, is there anyone listening? I don't care about how much you know about the problem I want a friggin answer. If you're gonna advertise linux compatability you should make sure your hardware is truly compatible!!! So release the friggin specs or write the friggin code but stop giving execuses. Stop punishing users who found that the best bang for their buck was not with nVidia based hardware accelerators. I will *NEVER EVER EVER* buy another fsck'n nVidia product if you guys continue to bundle your offerings together like this. The AGP driver should be part of the motherboard drvierset, JUST LIKE IT IS IN WINDOWS. SO WHY ISNT IT? WHO HASNT DONE THEIR JOB AND WHEN ARE THEY GONNA DO IT? DONT WORRY I DONT WANT A TIMELINE, I JUST WANT THE DRIVER YOU SHOULD HAVE DELIVERED MONTHS AGO. Or are you content with people like Alan Cox saying "Basically its windows computer" ? If you can't see what real developers think of your product maybe you should take a look at :

And after looking start writing some code.
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