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Default Phantasy Star Universe anyone?

I don't post much on the forums (ie I just read).

Recently purshased PSU for the pc. Having logged many hours on the original dreamcast game, I was looking foward to PSU's release.

The game is pretty easy to pick up and play. The class system reminds me of final fantasy tatics where you unlock new classes after after obtaining level x of a certain class. Right now i'm a ranger (ie run around and shoot stuff). Leveling is alot harder than I remember from the original PSO (so far at level 8 its taken me a little more than 8 hours maybe i'm just slow).

Everything is instance and there's not much running around to go from A to B. Pretty much you run an instance and anyone can join your party like diablo 2 (with a much fancier lobby as some put it).

So far content wise there's 3 planets availibe + 1 space station. I've been to 2 of the 3 planets (haven't unlocked the 3rd planet yet ). There's also a crafting system availible. I can't comment too much about it because I know jack on crafting items at the moment.

My impression so far on PSU is great. (I'm also biased since I loved PSO so much) Just wondering if anyone else is going to pick up the game.
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