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This is from a post dated 4-16-2003 in: nV News Forums > Linux > Linux Operating Systems & Software > To Andy Mecham

- And do you have timeframe for agpgart support for non nvidia video cards.

I'm hoping very soon. I know that's a frustrating answer, but it's the best I can give at this point. As soon as I can tell you exactly, I will. It's not something we're ignoring by any means.

--andy appears that Andy is not in a position to give us any answers at this point. Keeping things under wraps is not uncommon for a publicly visible corporation like nVidia. I guess that we are supposed to just keep the faith that this will happen some time...

I thought that I had researched my motherboard purchase quite fully, but I guess that most of the hardware review sites are Windows-centric and were too busy gushing over the advantages of dual channel DDR RAM to mention a known compatability issue with the nForce2 chipset. In my opinion, this is not only a shortcoming of nVidia, but also a shortcoming in the whole community. Hardware that theoretically works across multiple platforms should function as such before it is released, and if it doesn't it should be noted in hardware reviews.

I am also curious to know what AMD thinks of this whole issue since this affects them also in regards to consumer decisions.
i.e. The Intel 845GE chipset begins to look much more attractive from a price/performance standpoint when you consider the issues with the nForce2 and Linux compatability. If anyone has any links to any statements AMD has made on this topic, I would interested to see them. I hope that AMD is pushing nVidia to extend the capabilties of an otherwise great chipset.

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