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Default Re: Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

Hey guys, for those interested, I hope you can help out to get Flash 9 supported in YDL for the PS3.
Everything counts, please fill out this form to help Adobe get things moving.
Flash Player 9 for YDL 5.0 --Adobe needs to hear from you!

Yellow Dog Enthusiasts,

Flash Player 9 Beta is now available for Linux, but not for the Power
architecture. Fortunately, Adobe offers a 'feature request' form:

I ask each and every one of you to submit your request for Flash for Yellow
Dog Linux in order to showcase the strength of our userbase with enthusiasm
for the forthcoming Sony Playstation 3.

I encourage you to complete the form as follows in order that we speak with a
single, simple voice making less complicated their support initiative.
Remember, the port itself is never the obstacle, rather the on-going
maintenance and support for any new platform:

This is a: Feature Request
Product name: Flash
Product Version: 9
Browser: FireFox
Web Server: Apache
App Server: Other
Database: MySQL
OS: Linux
OS version: YDL v5.0
Feature request: "Please make available the full suite
of Flash applications for Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 which
now suppots the Sony PlayStation 3 --thank you!"

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

[PS ID: Bad_Boy]
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