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Default Re: Beta driver: Beryl crashes in

Originally Posted by Malus
I'm using 1.0-9625. I don't think any of the older versions have the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap. Also, I believe Beryl requires glxinfo to run, but none of the ports under Xorg modular actually installs it. So, I grabbed the binary for glxinfo off of another machine running Xorg 6.9. I think glxinfo has to be built from the Mesa sources now, however, I have never seen a Mesa source tarball containing the code for glxinfo.
It is in graphics/mesa-demos, but it doen't install it at the moment, I shall have a look tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Malus
By the way, where can I report bugs for Xorg modular? I know Nvidia installs its extensions and drivers into ${X11BASE}/lib/modules instead of ${X11BASE}/lib/xorg/modules, though I haven't gotten around to patching it yet. Also, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to xorg-fonts-encodings-6.9.0_1 in the modular Xorg, so my ports always require it to be installed, which probably shouldn't be the case. Also, I think either xorg-apps or xorg-complete should have xterm as a dependency, since it doesn't seem to get installed after installing xorg-complete.
You can report those problems to me. I'm aware of the nvidia-driver port issue, but that's part of the polishing I'm trying to delay as much as possible. For the encodings port, I've added it yesterday, so this isn't a problem anymore. I'm working on the xorg-fonts-* ports atm, so hopefully they won't be a problem anymore. I wondered about adding xterm to the list of runtime dependencies, but that's not a xorg application.

Originally Posted by Malus
For the record, I switched one machine's ${X11BASE} to /usr/local and everything seems to be working fine. Of course, I did this by starting from scratch instead of changing all of the ports over, but it still works fine.
Yeah, same here, no problem. You should post your messages to, and I should subscribed to this list ;-)
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