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Default Re: Huge memory leak with texture_from_pixmap

Originally Posted by netllama
What is your test app supposed to do?
Open an GL window, reparent it to the overlay window, redirect all other windows to offscreen buffers, create pixmaps and glxpixmaps from all these, (render something using them for 10 seconds, but that was not in the code), release all glxpixmaps and pixmaps, go back to X.

Originally Posted by netllama
As far as I can tell it just seems to hang X (trying to access a previate resource) as long as its running, but I'm not seeing any memory usage issues.
Alright, I cut out almost everything. The attached example

1) Sets up opengl using glut
2) Redirects all windows to offscreen buffers
3) Creates GLXPixmaps for those buffers via XCompositeNameWindowPixmap
4) Deletes those buffers
5) Unredirects all windows back

On each invocation, Xorg grows by about 350 MB. If I comment out the glXCreatePixmap call, no memory is lost.
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