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Default Re: Neverwinter Nights II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Renocide
I created a profile using the nwn2.exe and placed it on AFR, then AFR2, Force split, and then single and I get the same exact peformance in all settings.

I average about 15-25 FPS.

This is on a +4800 X2 Athlon, 1.5 RAM, 2x 7900 GT OC SLI system too. Wondering if it's my setup or the game.

Disabling things like bloom and shadows will gain me about 5 FPS each but everything else does nothing.

Gaming at 1440x900 widescreen. No AA or AS set.


i figured it out

thats the wrong EXE

nwn2.exe is not the main game exe, thats the launcher, just like in NWN

main exe is nwn2main.exe
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