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Default Alliance in WoW - I've gotta rant :D

OK, my Paladin is lvl 57, and by now I've seen a fair amount. Some fellow guildies have seen a few things as well; that umm, do people who play alliance have trouble working together? It always seems that the Horde is a bit more organized...

So a friend of mine is in STV (being lvl 37 and stuff); when someone tries to get a raid group together on the Horde base there. He asks if I'll come along, when I came down to help him with an elite quest; and I did. OK, so what I find, this "raid group" is skattered all around the zone willy nilly. No one is organizing, no one is working together, hell no 2 people seem to be in the same spot.

So there's a lvl 58 who kills my friend, who I dismount, res, and go after the 58 (was lvl 56 at the time). All was going well, until 2 lvl 60s ran up (obviously showing their level of organization). Where were these alliance raiding guys? With their heads up their rears, running all around the whole zone. When I said something, a lot of agreement that we should gather together and organize, but one did. We both left the raid and said f- that

In another instance, a fellow guildie was doing AB I think it was; where he was facing an elite commander or some whatever of the sort. As he was going to kill the person, but could have used some assistance, he kept thinking "someone will come". Before dieing he turned around to see 2 alliance guys just standing there watching. When he came back to life, he asked "what the hell?" They were like "afk, afk? Why should I have to fight, when you can get the honor for me".

A couple horde guys were standing there watching this, and were giving a big hearty laugh after all of this He went off elsewhere, and was like "why should I die for people who only come to BGs to leach off other peeps kills, while not lifting a finger themself.

Is this like, umm an alliance thing? Or do some horde players run into this same inanity?
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