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Default Nvidia driver under 7.0-CURRENT. . .

Hey all,

This week I attempted to updated to FreeBSD 7.0 on my main machine. However, I am having some trouble with the Nvidia driver. While it does compile and load, my experience under X is a bit flaky. I am now at the point where I can actually get into X without crashing immediately. However, if I try to quit out of X or attempt to run a program which utilizes GLX, my machine hardlocks and shuts itself off soon after. I think there are some other actions which can cause a hardlock, such as changing the resolution. I'm assuming that it has panicked, but there is no way for me to see what the error is. Upon one of the crashes, I did see an error in the console before it shutoff. I did not read the whole error, but it was something along the lines of "NVRM: Xid " followed by a lot of numbers. It did work fine in 6.2, but that doesn't really help to pinpoint the problem.

I don't think it is an IRQ sharing problem, since the card does not appear to be sharing any IRQs with other devices (though it is supposed to be sharing it with the first USB controller). I lowered AGP rate to 4x and it does seem to crash less, though it doesn't fix the problem.

Here is some info pertaining to my system:

FreeBSD 7.0
Xorg 7.x Modular
Nvidia driver 1.0-9625 compile without FreeBSD AGP support
Athlon 64 X2 3800+
2 GB PC3200 DDR
Asus A8V-MX w/ newest available BIOS
Nvidia 6800GT (though it doesn't work with a Quadro 4 XGL either)

sysctl -a | grep nvidia
hw.nvidia.agp.card.rates: 8x 4x 
hw.nvidia.agp.card.fw: supported
hw.nvidia.agp.card.sba: supported
hw.nvidia.agp.card.registers: 0xff000e1b:0x1f000301
hw.nvidia.agp.status.status: enabled
hw.nvidia.agp.status.driver: nvidia
hw.nvidia.agp.status.rate: 4x
hw.nvidia.agp.status.fw: disabled
hw.nvidia.agp.status.sba: enabled
hw.nvidia.version: NVIDIA FreeBSD x86 Kernel Module  1.0-9625  Thu Sep 14 15:34:07 PDT 2
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableVia4x: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableALiAGP: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.NvAGP: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableAGPSBA: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.EnableAGPFW: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.SoftEDIDs: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.Mobile: 4294967295
hw.nvidia.registry.ResmanDebugLevel: 4294967295
hw.nvidia.registry.FlatPanelMode: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.DevicesConnected: 0
hw.nvidia.registry.RmLogonRC: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.DetectPrimaryVga: 1
hw.nvidia.registry.dwords: GeForce 6800 GT 16 AGP
dev.nvidia.0.%desc: GeForce 6800 GT
dev.nvidia.0.%driver: nvidia
dev.nvidia.0.%location: slot=0 function=0
dev.nvidia.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x10de device=0x0045 subvendor=0x107d subdevice=0x2996 cla
dev.nvidia.0.%parent: pci1
vmstat -i
interrupt                          total       rate
irq6: fdc0                             8          0
irq14: ata0                           81          0
irq16: nvidia0                    640234        136
irq17: skc0                        48058         10
irq20: uhci0                       57448         12
irq21: atapci0+                   277366         58
irq22: uhci1 ehci0                     7          0
cpu0: timer                      9406784       1999
cpu1: timer                      9399452       1998
Total                           19829438       4215
Seems to interrupt an awful lot but I assume that is normal, since my laptop seems to have a lot of Nvidia interrupts too.

I have also attached the output of dmesg and my xorg.conf. If you need anything else, I can easily provide it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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