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Default Re: Neverwinter Nights II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by F_L_C
Can someone please answer my questions? I'm going to pick up Dark Messiah and Gothic 3 tomorrow and your answers will decide whether I pick this one up as well.

Never played NWN before, does this game have a first-person view like Oblivion? And what's up with the subtitles, is there no spoken dialog? Those shots don't look impressive like Oblivion, how can it possibly be so demanding?

1) there is no first person view, its an real RPG.

2) most of the main dialog is spoken (plus subtitles) some of the less important comunication is not spoken. Reasons, not everyone can hear, thats why there are subtitles. also in NWN1 and NWN2, there is more story, text, dialog, then you can image.

3) it looks better in action, doesn't match Oblivion in graphics, but beats oblivion in every other category.
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