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Default Re: Huge memory leak with texture_from_pixmap

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm still not sure that I understand the conditions under which this needs to be run to reproduce the problem you're reporting. Can you detail your setup?
Sorry, perhaps I should have had proper error checks in the example. I was trying to write a composition manager, so if you already have one running, it must be stopped before running the test.

I'm running a standard Metacity GNOME desktop in FC6. Nothing special.

Edit: I also tried tried to start a bare Xorg server from runlevel 3, using plain xinit. Interesting observation: If i don't run a window manager or just tinywm-1.3, I can't observe any memory loss. But as soon as I start twm or metacity, I can watch Xorg grow. (tinywm doesn't reparent, that's all I can think of ...)

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