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Default Re: Cannot boot from hda

Originally posted by airwerx
My system has never booted from anything other than a floppy. I was forced to install Red Hat 8.0 in text mode due to a problem between X and my gforce video card. The kernel and GLX RPM's from nVidia are in and startx works great but I cannot get grub to load any kernel from (HD0,0).

When I attempt to load a kernel from grub;

grub> kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.20 boot=/etc/hda1

Error 12 Invalid Device Requested

Any idea's where I've messed up?
your devices/special files are located in /dev NOT in /etc (see your "boot" parameter).

If your system still doesn't boot check your harddisc's jumpering (master/slave/single-setting) and try repeating the Grub setup procedure.

good luck!
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