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Default Re: Neverwinter Nights II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by nVidi0t
Just finished a 6 hour co-op session. Lags like hell on my system, but I cant turn the graphics down, it looks too damn good! (40 fps indoors, 15-20 in expanses)
Man for the hardware you have listed in your sig that just sucks (e6600 @ 3.3ghz + 7950GX2...). Honestly the screenshots look amazing but not so amazing it explains the low framerates.

I'm still sitting on a AMD 3200+ / 6800GT. I was thinking about finally doing a full system upgrade for this game but now I'm really thinking I should wait another generation.

Luckily Gears of War comes out on Tuesday, so I can dive into that and take my mind off of this game. Oh well....
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