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Default All NVIDIA drivers crash w/ Fedora Core 6 (Xorg 7.1) on an X86_64 when exiting X

Dear NVIDIA team,

since installing FC6 on my machine on monday I am trying to get a working system up and running without any luck. I was able to set up an X system w/ the nvidia driver, but as soon as I exit X, the system completely locks up (not only X). That makes it impossible to switch users or to change the configuration (xorg.conf) to optimize the results. Even when using nvidia-settings to enable twinview the system locks up hard, leaving only garbage on the screen. Also when just typing "compiz" or "beryl", the system freezes. I also managed to freeze the system after pressing the close button to exit a running glxgears instance. I've never seen such an unstable system w/ an nvidia card before. I have another system w/ an x86 which runs quite stable w/ FC6 and a GF5200. But my own desktop machine w/ an x86_64 does not. I've tried the legacy driver (7184 - bugreport attached), the current driver 8776 and also the beta drivers 9625 and 9626. I certainly patched the beta drivers w/ the smbus patch to work around the black screen issue.

Now, I'm running out of ideas. I've searched the forums for any hint I could find, even tried a self built vanilla kernel, tried different combinations of kernel boot params (agp, acpi and commconf stuff) to no avail. The xorg driver "nv" works w/o any problems, but does not support xinerama, so I'm stuck at the moment.

Could anybody please help me resolve this issue?

Thank you very much.

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