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Default Nvidia freezes sometimes on my laptop

I have the following problem:

Recently I have bought an Asus A6t AP005H laptop. This laptop has an AMD Turion 64 X2 processor and a nvidia Geforce Go 7600 graphics card. I have installed the latest 64-bit gentoo operating system for amd64.

I am using the 2.6.18-gentoo-r1 kernel and the and the nvidia x86_64 kernel module 1.0-8776 on this laptop. I could install this nvidia-driver without any problems. On gentoo I use this command:

emerge nvidia-drivers

I have changed the xorg-file (see attachement) to ' Driver "nvidia" '. Then I have restarted my laptop. After booting X starts the nvidia-picture appears and I can log in. If I don't make a 3D-task the desktop works without problems.

But: If I start a 3D-task like quake3, supertuxkart, glxgears,.... in some cases the desktop becomes white and freezes. Nothing works. So I must restart my laptop with the power-button. In most cases, when I start a 3D-task, the desktop doesn't freeze and it works perfectly. Then I can play quake3, supertuxkart,... and glxgears shows 10000 fps.

Can somebody help me to solve this problem. Sometimes the driver works. Sometimes the drivers freezes.

I want that the nvidia-driver never freezes on my laptop.

Yours sincerely

Bernhard Bauer


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