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Default Re: NFS Carbon PC Demo

Anybody else get the full game? Mine is sitting back in my dorm room waiting for me to finish class and homework... sure hope its worth it!

EDIT: Yuck. Gag me. Honestly NFS:MW at full settings looked AND played a ton better- and really, that's in full daylight and should be a harder impact on the system. I'm on a gig of ram, FX-55, and a 7800GTX and honestly expected it to at least match up to the level that NFS:MW held. Sigh...

Originally Posted by eD
Maybe the guys at Shugashack should play around with their gamma correction just a little bit because most of the screenshot are so dark you can't get an idea of what this game is really going to look like
In reference to Doom 3 screenshots from 2001

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