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Originally posted by pelly
I certainly agree, although I suspect that the shelf-life of that update will be surprisingly short.

Here's a question for you:

Will ATI play the role of pioneer and try to .09 or will they stick to the next step of .13?

If they stick at .13, imagine what a leap NVIDIA has on them since they've been designing at that size for a fair amount of time whereas ATI will be noobies.

Again, I think your logic is wrong. Having a finished, completed architecture and moving it to a process that has had time to mature is far easier than creating a new architecture on a new process. The fab's tools will have matured, their yields will have improved, and the actual design and layout of the chip was worked out for its initial creation.

Oh, and to answer your question. Do you mean with their 9700 refresh (possibly the R350 we're hearing rumors of) or R400?
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