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Angry card dead

Was doing some work earlier today and x started acting funny. Rebooted now i have blue blocks on my screen. I know its not the monitor because i tried a older card. So i would assume my brand new 120$ video card **** the bed within 4 months. Not real impressed but i don't think i'll be buying another gigabyte ever again. I doubt they are going to replace it.

Question is now. What should i buy? The extent of my gaming is quake3 / quake4 or armamgetronad, maybe some supertux. Mostly used for work. What are some newish cards that hopefully will last longer than this one. No idea on what brand i should buy. I know i want nvidia but other than that not sure what i should get. Also, something that has a fan that wont die in a few days as well. Another known problem with cards these days from what i'm seeing.

Thanks in advance everyone.
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