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Default Re: Put an immediate halt to multiple account users

Originally Posted by rewt
I can think of very simple ways around this.. Don't even need to use a proxy..
How so? Any other IP masking technique I can think of would break HTTP and wouldn't work.

Originally Posted by einstein_314
I'm all up for only allowing 1 user account. The only problem I can see is if 2 different people use the same computer to access nvnews on their accounts...For instance, my brother and I, who live together, both frequent nvnews...and both have accounts. Although we have our own computers, from the outside, we come from the same IP. So it would look like somebody had 2 accounts...Unless there is actually some way of distinguishing between computers...or maybe there would have to be exceptions that would have to go through MikeC for approval?
Yeah that multiple-account detector has code that specifically allows exceptions for specified users.
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