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Default X crashing at startup after update

I've searched posts here, ubuntuforums, Google, etc., but have only managed to find bits and pieces of helpful info. I'm a fairly new Linux user on Ubuntu 6.06. After running Update Manager, and letting it fully update me (month or two of updates), booting up the following day left me at the terminal, with a crashed X. This was a panicky moment for me as a neophyte on Linux, but working for many hours, I learned a bit. I've attached my error log, and as per the sticky here, started X with the `startx -- -logverbose 5` option.

The crux of the situation seems to be that I need nvidia.ko to exist in /lib/modules/2.6.15-27-386/volatile/, but after booting up, it isn't in there. After the crash, in the shell, I can run 'sudo lrm-manager' and 'sudo depmod -a,' which for reasons unknown to me (found in a post somewhere) recreates nvidia files in the volatile directory. At this point, I can 'startx,' and I'm back in, almost as usual - sans the ability to shut down from the X terminal itself.

Once in, I used Synaptic to reinstall all of my kernel and restricted Linux modules, hoping that would update them somehow, and I've run 'sudo apt-get update,' and everything is/was current. My packages all seem to match up, but as I said, I'm very new at this, and it's all pretty confusing to me still. Any help getting this back to the stable, graphical Linux this former Windows user has been enjoying for the past few months would be most appreciated. Let me know if there's any more info I can provide, and thanks!
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