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Question How to put Suspend2 and NVIDIA together in FC5?

I am relatively new to Fedora Core, having worked with Solaris since it was SunOS.

I am working on setting up a MythTV system with FC5 and want to incorporate Suspend2 and the NVIDIA driver.

I can do one or the other with RPMs.

Unfortunately, it appears that both want to modify the kernel and there isn't an RPM with both Suspend2 and the NVIDIA driver incorporated. It looks like I need to work with sources to get BOTH in the same kernel.

This I'm unsure how to do.

What source RPMs do I need to download (and from which repository or repositories) and how do I work with them to get what I want? I suspect that I will want to use NVIDIA's installer ( to make the combined kernel, but how do I tell it about Suspend 2?
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