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Default Re: Splinter Cell Double Agent (PC)

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
you do realize that securom also uses a driver? and has files on your system


do you find the irony in this?

files on system
hard to crack
people bitch

files on system
easier to crack
less people bitchin

and why is it ok to post screen when its quite obvious how he got the game?
When Securom starts giving people BSOD's, please let me know. Starforce has given me BSOD's on Trackmania Sunrise and Colin McRae Rally 2005.

How do I know it was Starforce?
  • Those are the only BSOD's I've ever had with this system.
  • The system BSODed when I tried to launch the games and the Starforce verifier was about half way through
  • The BSOD said that a Starforce DLL WAS THE PROBLEM!!!

Securom has been around for many, many, many years and has never caused problems like that. It has caused problems, like when GTA SA wouldn't start on my machine. I called Rockstar and they, along with Securom, PERSONALLY, worked with me until they fixed my problem. I mean over the course of a week Securom made me 3 CUSTOM .exe's so I could play my game. Rockstar was usually just CCed in on our mails.

On the two Starforce games I mentioned, the two companies were fine, but said I needed to contact Starforce directly. Starforce accused me of being a criminal even when I gave them my serial number. They were arrogant and pompous and swore it was MY FAULT, even thought the BSOD specifically mentioned their DLL. Then they blamed the game companies, then they blamed me for being a pirate. I was ****ing furious.

THAT is why people hate Starforce. The warez community could really give a **** because they'll crack it one way or another.
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