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Default Problem after installing VNPerfKit.

Hi there, Im using Ubuntu 6.06
uname -r
I have been using the drivers of that realease, taht is, I hve been watching the NVIDIA logo before the GDM logon screen.

After visit I see that there was an update to CG toolkit and I go on (is only uncompress and paste).

Then I readed about the performance kit and downloaded it, uncomrepssed it, first time diver install sayme that I need shutdown the X server, then I do it and try again, after that, no precompiled package where found, I installed via Synaptic the headers, runned again the driver install, compiled and it sayme/warnme about paths in pkg-config not abailable (dont remember them, I havent annotated them, because I guess there will be no problems with default paths).
as root
Linux kernel headers 2.6.15 on AMD K8
After that I restarted and tada, black screen.

Reading the errors in the Xorg.0.log say something about not being able to load GLX, but yes, GLX is installed. Here is a brief list that synaptic "display"

Im using vesa driver for now, hope you can help me, by the way, I have sayed to synaptic to remove completely glx and installed it again, and nothing happen.

I guess is because the performance kit uses another version of drivers... 9640 or some like that instead of 8776, tought that is my guess, after reinstalling, removing and things like that get to work, only a black screen, and aparently CTRL+"+" and CTRL+"-" isnt able to change the resolution (I have only enabled 3 in the xorg.conf file).
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