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Default Re: 2.6.19-rc4-mm2 adma sata_nv.c patch and nvidia beta driver 1.0-9626

I want to know if it's possible to compile the nvidia beta driver 1.0-9626 against the 2.6.19-rc4-mm2
Yes. Remove "#include <linux/config.h>" from nv/nv-linux.h

which contains rt capabilities
No, it doesn't. It supports high-res timers and dynamic ticks, but only for x86 -- not x86_64 yet.

sata_nv adma patch
You may need to specify "adma_enabled=1" as a kernel boot parameter to enable it. Also, ensure that you're selecting "AHCI SATA support" in your kernel config (Device Drivers -> Serial ATA). It sounds to me like you didn't, since I'm getting ~70MB/s on my GA-M59SLI-S5 even without ADMA.
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